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Manifest your deepest desires!

Thinking of Manifesting your deep desires? The next full moon will help you manifest or summons the universe for what you need help with or need to find!

All you need are the four elements: 3 candles, water, soil air, and your belief in the universe. Before you begin, wash your hands, smudge the immediate area. You want no negative energy around you. Also, clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, slowly in and slowly out. Repeat until you feel calm.

Write down your desire. Whether it's love, job, health, money... Take a piece of paper (size of a medium post-it) write down what it is you're hoping to change. You must give up something to make room for this desire. Give up your stress or what's blocking it. Write it all down. When you're reading to do the ritual, say a little prayer out loud so the universe may hear it. ( Example, Universe, I thank for you for all you've blessed me with, I truse you know what is best for me, but I'm yearning for change in my _________. I promise to give up_____ and pay it forward when you grant me this wish)

When you've said your prayer, light your candles. The candles can be purple, white, blue, black..ect..Use a popsicle stick so you don't burn yourself. Flick some water and sprinkle some soil on your paper. You need to burn your paper, so do this outside. It only takes a few minutes.

The more you believe and trust the universe, the quicker this will work. I always say pay it forward, a random act of kindness to boost your manifestation.

Classes to Watch for:

Manifesting On Each Full Moon: CALM SURRENDER, ORONO

If you wish to learn more about manifesting your deepest desires, I teach it at Calm Surrender on ALL FULL MOONS! Purchase the kit which has all your elements, matches, candles, water/soil. There is a drum class before to help raise your vibration. It's a real amazing experience.

Reach out to Calm Surrender if you're interested in taking the class on NOVEMBER 19TH.

Call 905-242-6328 to reserve your spot.

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