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From Sandy,

Cathy is amazing. I was on the phone with her, and during the reading, she said you need validation. I said yes, I do.(to believe what she was saying) She said that to stop looking at the penny in the corner of my desk. Cathy has never been to my office, there is no way she would ever know that. Totally the real deal. And as an added bonus, she is very nice.



Had a great evening last night with our daughter at the Jesters Court in Port Perry then an enchanting evening with Cathy Chafe a Psychic Medium at the Town Hall. Although no spirit came forward for me it was great to hear all the love and answers others received. Definitely recommend Cathy for a group or private reading, and as an added bonus she is an accomplished singer ! Thanks to Calm Surrender 5284 , now in Lindsay for the wonderful evening out. They offer Holistic Swedish Massage, Chakra Balancing, Holistic facials, their own skincare line and much more to experience.

From Lorraine,

Cathy is the real deal, she has brought up things that happened so long ago I had forgotten about them. I appreciate the heads up she gives me as well. Cathy has a heart of gold and is genuine, she likes to help others. I have been to a few mediums before but they weren't very good, kind of guessing and hinting on things. I trust Cathy 100% she truly has the gift and uses it wisely. She turns a heavy heart into one of relief. Thank you for our group reading last night Cathy!

Sandra Lee

All I can say is WOW.. what a great reading, I would recommend her. what a beautiful person and right on. Thank you so much for what I needed to know. Thank you so much Cathy you truly have a gift!

From Cindy

This was an amazing experience. The things she sensed and felt were right on. Thank you for the opportunity to converse with those on the other side!

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