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Cathy's connection to Spirit, in her own explanation, is connecting to "energy". While she connects to energy, she is able to bless others with the gift of healing, validating, and understanding. Cathy has been connecting with energy for many years now. She offers many unique readings. She uses your energy and her energy to connect and give clarity towards your past, present, and future.  

She will not disconnect from a reading

even if time runs out. She allows energy

to finish with nothing unsaid.

Some people are very guarded and

could make it difficult for a

psychic/medium to connect. She

will not back down, she will keep trying

until she's opened the channel. What

information comes through is

comforting & allows you to start your

healing process or let go of a

difficult event.

We all want to feel that we're in the

right place, that we're living life to

the fullest. No better way than

connecting to your energy to


Cathy began connecting to spirit at

a young age. She would sense that

someone was near her even

though she couldn't see them. The smell of cologne, cigarettes, or food when no one was around, or in the house. Things missing and hearing her name being called. Experiences with her guide are incredible. Taken on "floating" trips by her guide is what she recalls happened often. Being little and watching her house from the telephone poles. Meeting others who have crossed before she was born.


Many experiences that she would love to tell you about...

Cathy has many talents, her philosophy of life is try to be your best! Taking chances and try something different. Create your own personal soul photo album by experiencing new things. It's never too late or you're never too old to begin a new journey or path. Cathy also sings! A truly talented soul! She's won many talent searches from the KX96 Cradle to Rave-1997 to The Molson Canadian ROCK' Singing Contest-1999! Her vision for song writing and poetry is wondrous! As a single mom of 2, her focus is family! But she also has a deep passion for the connection to the energy of her clients. From working in finance part time for a small business to a busy household, she'll always make the time to offer up healing, closure, or peace of mind to those who need that validation.

Cathy's Life Coaching is definitely unique. Many do seek her help for coping, meditation, letting go, and grieving. Cathy's own experiences with loss, struggle, sadness, and finding yourself through sorrow and rehabilitation is what makes her an exceptional life coach . How we find peace with validating where you've been or what has happened. Finding strength through your weaknesses. Focusing on happiness and closure is one of her teachings. Her one on one is an eye opener for hope and direction. Life can be difficult but it can also be

truly amazing. She gives you a reading where you sense a self mirror of your own energy. Something that she feels everyone should try. Spend an hour, begin to heal, forgive, reconnect, and validate spirit. Cathy's firm belief is that we're all in this together and treats every walk of life as though we're one! No matter what race, background, experiences, beliefs, religion, or gender, Cathy will welcome you into her home and give you sense of peace through your reading and reconnect you to not only spirit, but to yourself!

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