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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

NOVEMBER 4th & 5th at 8pm!

Psychic Medium Cathy Chafe
Psychic Medium Cathy Chafe

An evening with Cathy and her gift(s). She'll be channeling the audience, giving her perception & Experiences with the afterlife and how she connects to your energy. She'll be gifting messages to those in the audience from loved ones who have crossed over to the afterlife. She's very connected to the universe where she's able to make precise predictions. Her gift is truly something to be witnessed!

She's also a very comical person. Truly talented at making people laugh. Did you also know Cathy is a talented singer? She won the kx96 Cradle to Rave, Molson Canadian Rocks Talent Competition, Durham's Got Talent as the Audience Favorite. She worked as Patsy Cline Tribute Artist in TN. Her talents are one of a kind. She's an amazing down to Earth soul with much to offer in the assistance of healing. Cathy is the next sought after medium who's just starting to be noticed by thousands. Let's support her on her journey to Connecting to Spirit.

You Go Girl!

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Day Appointments Available!

If you're looking for an appointment with Cathy for either Reiki or a Reading, appointments are available on Dec 26th to Dec 29th from 10am - 4pm! Text 905-244-5106 to book!


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