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You Are Not Alone

When a person passes, their physical body dies but their spirit/energy lives on. Energy never dies! We lose the physical connection but the spiritual connection is never severed. We are given signs and symbols through every day of our lives. We need to learn and validate these signs. Cathy is an excellent coach! She'll teach you what signs your loved one is leaving and reconnect you to them. You're not alone. They're still with you. Those whom have crossed over may now be your guides and you just don't know it. 

What is Energy ?

Energy is something that can't be seen with just our eyes. It seen through our feelings and senses. Energy can be felt by feeling a static around you. Energy builds and can present its self by manipulating other energy sources. Example: flickering of lights, electrical appliances. Cathy states that when you feel like a t.v. is on and there isn't, you may have spirit around you. 


Validation is acknowledging. If you do not validate spirit, the visit will become less and less. Why would energy visit you if you do not validate their efforts to connect? Don't be afraid. It's just like if Aunt Rita and Uncle Bill keep dropping in for a visit but you never answer the door. Eventually they'll get the hint!

So, open the door, welcome the visit, and connect with loved ones you miss!

What to do if a spirit is around you:
Don't Freak Out! Just like our loved in the physical world, they don't want to cause you any fear. 
Validate them! Acknowledge their visit!

The best way to connect to spirit is through meditation. Take an hour and connect. So many "meet your guide" or "connect to energy" meditation guides are out there. Nothing less than 1/2 hour will do!

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