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Do not Text or Call Cathy directly. All inquiries are done through Calm Surrender in Orono.


About Cathy...

Cathy has been Connecting to Spirit or Energy from a young age. She's been channeling over 10 years. She has a high clientele whom which return over and over again. Cathy's gift of healing, connection, validation, and comforting is very unique. Each Psychic has their own "stamp" of impact on each individual that seeks validation but Cathy's is one where many are left wanting to return. Her one on one hour allows her to channel your energy and those that have departed the physical. Each person has a unique way of receiving messages from spirit, she gives you the piece of mind by validating messages, memories, or unique events that leave you reconnected. Truly amazing experience. Your session is also recorded so you may use as a personal guide when you need a little boost or to simply to remember your reading.

Cathy's background can be read on her "About Me" page!

Offering "Validation Classes" starting Jan of 2022 at Calm Surrender Don't miss out! Call 905-242-6328 to reserve a seat.

If you're inquiring about a group reading, please text Cathy at 905-244-5106. Groups are only offered FRI-SAT-SUN. A group consists between 5-12 people. Groups are only booked through Cathy directly.

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Entertainment Purposes Only! Cathy is NOT a licensed therapist. She is a Spiritual Advisor & a recognized Life Coach.